I'm Angela Tyree LMT, MLD-C, your Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapist at Merit Massage Care!

I'm conveniently located by the Johnson City mall and I'd be honored to support and help you on your healing journey.

I most love to help people when they are in the midst of a health crises and need support, comfort, and something in their life to look forward to. I live by the philosophy that massage is going to biochemically improve how you feel about your situation and give you more relief than you are going to find in a medicine bottle or a trip to your physician's office.

I PROMISE! -Massage therapy combined with standard care makes for better health outcomes.

To know more about my MLD practice, visit JohnsonCityMLD.com

NO Tipping!

At Merit Massage Care, you receive healthcare that complements your doctor's care. It isn't food service and gratuities are not accepted.

Large Body Friendly

At Merit Massage Care, the table is wide and so are the sheets and blankets. No arms rolling off the table!


Packages are smart for several reasons. Firstly, it is more cost -effective as you are getting a discounted rate per session compared to paying for each session individually. If you plan to have multiple sessions anyway, this is a significant savings!

Packages also help you commit to your self care. Your are more likely to prioritize and schedule your regular sessions which will show in the long-term benefits to your physical and mental well-being.

Purchasing a package greatly simplifies the checkout process after each session because then there is no checkout process! And Angela doesn't accept tips so you can just go on your merry way and enjoy the rest of your day!

Package buyers are given priority status in the schedule, meaning that you book in advance as a standing appointment and always have your favorite time slot!

The larger packages would also be a great investment for a couple to share and a session makes a great gift for loved ones!

Lastly, pre-purchased sessions cannot expire (per TN State Law). You are encouraged to use them within 12months as that is much easier from a bookkeeping perspective, but expiring before you use them is not something you need to ever be concerned about!


You can stay dressed

Getting undressed is not a requirement to receive massage therapy. If you aren't comfortable getting undressed, you can still receive care! Just be sure to tell me!


Can't get on Table? No problem

Clients in their recliner or wheel chair or at the edge of a bed can still receive massage therapy. A massage chair is also an option!


Cancer Treatments

Angela Tyree LMT is listed as a preferred practitioner with S4OM, the Society for Oncology Massage, which vets practitioners across the country who have received training in oncology massage.


Manual Lymph Drainage

Angela Tyree is a certified Manual Lymph Drainage therapist by ACOLS (Academy of Lymphatic Studies).

Reviews for Angela Tyree LMT at Merit Massage Care

In a Word...Cozy

I strive to make my massage table cozy. My table is extra wide AND has arm extenders so no arms are rolling off, regardless of size. I've put in a lot of time to source comfy sheets and blankets. The table has extra padding AND a table warmer. Instead of a bolster beneath your knees, I use a king size pillow.

Why so much effort?

When a body is safe and cozy, it lets down its defenses. Muscles relax on their own. And that is when some magic can happen! I also often reiterate to my clients that if anything at all is uncomfortable or if I stroke across a tender area of the body- say something! "Tender!" or "Ouch!" will suffice. The intention is to keep the body's "shields" down. If shields are up, healing isn't happening.

Get In Touch

Email: angela@meritmassagecare.com


Office: 1907 N. Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601


Sun-Mon => Closed

Tues-Wed-Thurs => sessions slots at 1:00pm | 2:30pm | 4:00pm | 5:30pm | 7pm

Fri-Sat => session slot at 3 pm

Phone Number:


1907 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, USA


1907 N. Roan St, Suite 202, Johnson City, TN 37601





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